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Upto 20% Off Christmas Fabrics

Forest Frost II Sky Trees 33234-14M

Merrily Berry Snow Snowy Stars 48213-12

Merrily Chill Snowy Stars 48213-25

Merrily Chill Weave 48215-15

Merrily Chocolate Weave 48215-18

Merrily Holly Just a Dash 48214-23

Metallic Christmas Dark Green Star and Snowflake 1668-G9

Metallic Christmas Red Snowball Spot 1669-R6

Novelty Christmas 2017 Advent Calendar Panel 1812-1

Novelty Christmas 2017 Bundle

Novelty Christmas 2017 Hats And Mittens 1810-1

Novelty Christmas 2017 Mini Stockings Panel 1814-1

Novelty Christmas 2017 Navy Penguins 1809-B

Novelty Christmas 2017 Orange Polka Dot 1811-N

Novelty Christmas 2017 Red Santa Heads 1808-R

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Penguins 1809-T

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Polka Dot 1811-T

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Scatter 1807-T

Scandi 4 Cream on Red Nordic Snowflake 1789-R6

Scandi 4 Grey Hearts 1786-S

Scandi 4 Grey Lace 1784-S

Scandi 4 Grey Mini Star 1615-S3

Scandi 4 Grey on Cream Nordic Snowflake 1789_S3

Scandi 4 Grey Set Reindeer 1782-S

Scandi 4 Grey Trees 1783-S

Scandi 4 Red Hearts 1786-R

Scandi 4 Red Mini Star 1615-R4

Scandi 4 Red on Cream Nordic Snowflake 1789-R2

Scandi 4 Red Set Reindeer 1782-R

Scandi 4 Red Squares 1815-R Panel

Snowberry Berry Berries 44145-12

Snowberry Berry Floral Vine 44143-17

Snowberry Berry on Snow Floral Vine 44143-12

Snowberry Sky Berries 44145-22

Snowberry Sky Floral Toile 44140-14

Snowberry Sky on Cloud Floral Vine 44143-22

Snowfall Dk Brown Snowflakes 2200-523

Snowfall Dk Lilac Bear Faces 2200-518

Snowfall Garland Green Paisley 14834-13

Snowfall Garland Green Vines and Berries 14836-13

Snowfall Lilac Snowflakes 2200-521

Snowfall Lt Blue Tundra 2200-514

Snowfall Poinsettia Vines and Berries 14836-12

Snowfall Snow White Paisley 14834-11

Snowfall Tide Arctic Char 2200-511

Snowfall Tide Snowflakes 2200-520

Snowman Gatherings III Charm Pack

Snowman Gatherings III Jelly Roll

The Cookie Exchange Charm Pack

Traditional Christmas 2017 Bundle

Traditional Christmas 2017 Cream Dash 1749-Q

Traditional Christmas 2017 Green Trees 1793-G

Traditional Christmas 2017 Red Snowflakes 1796-R

Traditional Christmas Tree Advent 1797-1

Winter Wonderland Advent Panel WLND-1114