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Clearance Fabrics

Autumn Leaves Brown Multi Leaf FF220-2

Bayberry Blossom Hydrangea 13160-17

Bayberry Blossom Linen Texture 13108-58

Bayberry Cloud Hydrangea 13160-19

Compassion Faded Red Shirting Stripe 46253-18

Cream Leaf on Black 5384

Crystal Farm Linen Country Road 8622-L

Crystal Farm Pale Blue Medallion 8616-T

Crystal Farm Spring Pink Lazy Daisy 8618-E

Crystal Farm Wheat Vines and Berries 8621-L

Flo's Wildflowers Latte Daisies FLO12.1

Flo's Wildflowers Latte Lily Of The Valley FLO11.2

Flo's Wildflowers Sage Green Daisies FLO12.4

Floral Splendour Blue Cross 8382-B

Forest Talk Biscuit Mini Floral 8489-BY

Forest Talk Blue Mountain Flora 8488-B

Forest Talk Cream Blue Buds 8490-BL

Forest Talk Cream Blue Pine 8486-BL

Forest Talk Pink Pine Dots 8491-BE

Forest Talk Red Jumping Rabbits 8487-BR

Harvestwood Acorn HARV1284

Hedgerow Warm Grey Granny-pop-out-of-beds A254.3

Hipster On The Go Bicycles 21416-10

Hipster On The Go Cars and Vans 21417-10

Hipster On The Go Grey Multi Stripe 21420-93

Hipster On The Go Mopeds 21418-53

Home Grown Amber Hens 1778-Y

Home Grown Lt Teal Eggs and Chicks 1779-B

Home Grown Tan Eggs and Chicks 1779-Y

London Revival Stripe 987-1

Metallic Christmas Red Snowball Spot 1669-R6

Modern Retro Blue Scatter 1845-B

Novelty Christmas 2017 Hats And Mittens 1810-1

Novelty Christmas 2017 Navy Penguins 1809-B

Novelty Christmas 2017 Red Santa Heads 1808-R

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Penguins 1809-T

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Scatter 1807-T

Quill Feather Toile 44151-12

Quill Parchment Butterflies 44157-11

Reptile Ructus Border Stripe 39361-44

Scandi 4 Red Set Reindeer 1782-R

Snowfall Dk Brown Snowflakes 2200-523

Snowfall Dk Lilac Bear Faces 2200-518

Snowfall Snow White Paisley 14834-11

Zoom Multi Grey Arrows FF241-2