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Clearance Fabrics

30s Playtime 2017 Cotton Bashful Blossoms 33216-11

30s Playtime 2017 Green Cross Stitch 33218-17

30s Playtime 2017 Scarlet Block Party 33213-12

30s Playtime 2017 Scarlet Dotty Daisy 33214-21

30s Playtime 2017 Sea Block Party 33213-19

Bayberry Blossom Hydrangea 13160-17

Bayberry Cloud Hydrangea 13160-19

Chieveley Cream Peacock Feather A244.1

Flo's Wildflowers Latte Daisies FLO12.1

Flo's Wildflowers Sage Green Daisies FLO12.4

Floral Splendour Blue Cross 8382-B

Forest Talk Biscuit Mini Floral 8489-BY

Forest Talk Cream Blue Buds 8490-BL

Forest Talk Cream Blue Pine 8486-BL

Forest Talk Pink Pine Dots 8491-BE

Hedgerow Warm Grey Granny-pop-out-of-beds A254.3

Hi Di Ho Multi Stripe 22253-17

Hipster On The Go Grey Multi Stripe 21420-93

Hipster On The Go Mopeds 21418-53

London Revival Stripe 987-1

Pinstripe Orange 6048-O

Pinstripe Pink 6048-BE

Pinstripe Yellow 6048-Y

Quill Feather Toile 44151-12

Serengeti Coral Face Print SRGT2291

Serengeti Cream Flower SRGT2289

Serengeti Main Leopards Light SRGT2287

Serengeti Olive Paw Print SRGT2293

Serengeti Spruce Flower SRGT2288

Snowfall Dk Brown Snowflakes 2200-523

Snowfall Dk Lilac Bear Faces 2200-518

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Mini Check 12812-13

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Pinstripe 12812-20

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Tartan 12812-22

Snowfall Wovens Ice Lined Check 12812-28

Snowfall Wovens Ice Mini Check 12812-27

Snowfall Wovens Ice Tartan 12812-30

Snowfall Wovens Poinsettia Pinstripe 12812-14

Snowfall Wovens Poinsettia Tonal Stripe 12812-16

So Darling Cream Flying Bluebirds A290.1

So Darling Mint Retro Stars A289.2

So Darling Rose Bluebirds A288.2

So Darling Rose Ticking Stripe A287.3

Sweet Rose 4523-655

Sweet Rose 4523-657