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Clearance Fabrics

Autumn In Bluebell Wood Cream Leaping Deer A250.1

Autumn In Bluebell Wood Light Brown Leaping Deer A250.2

Autumn In Bluebell Wood Light Earth Sycamore Seeds A247.3

Autumn Leaves Brown Multi Leaf FF220-2

Autumn Leaves Violet Multi Leaf FF220-1

Compositions Grey Type Keys 30454-16

Corner of 5th and Fun Blue Eyes Stripe 17905-13

Corner of 5th and Fun Ivory Border Stripe 17900-11

Cream Leaf on Black 5384

Enchanted Forest Clay Red Bunny Tunnels A188.2

Floral Splendour Blue Meadow 8379-W

Floral Splendour Pink Sticks 8380-E

Fusions ETJ 13360-73

Japanese Garden Blue Floral Vine 1857-B

Japanese Garden Green Dragonfly 1860-G

Large Spot Green 1572-T5

Large Spot Red 1572-R7

Little Monsters Cream Zigzag Stripe 1406-Q

Merrily Chill Weave 48215-15

Merrily Chocolate Weave 48215-18

Metallic Christmas Red Snowball Spot 1669-R6

Mrs March's Collection Antique 31175-50

Novelty Christmas 2017 Hats And Mittens 1810-1

Novelty Christmas 2017 Navy Penguins 1809-B

Novelty Christmas 2017 Orange Polka Dot 1811-N

Novelty Christmas 2017 Red Santa Heads 1808-R

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Penguins 1809-T

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Polka Dot 1811-T

Novelty Christmas 2017 Turquoise Scatter 1807-T

Papillon Blue Multi Stripe 1765-N

Rachel Remembered Lapis Teardrops 31545-14

Snowberry Berry Berries 44145-12

Snowberry Berry on Snow Floral Vine 44143-12

Snowfall Dk Brown Snowflakes 2200-523

Snowfall Dk Lilac Bear Faces 2200-518

Snowfall Lilac Snowflakes 2200-521

Snowfall Lt Blue Tundra 2200-514

Snowfall Tide Arctic Char 2200-511

Sweet Blend Blueberry Secret Garden 42291-13

Sweet Blend Icing Flower Field 42292-13

To the Moon and Back Blue Grey Rockets A163.2

Traditional Christmas 2017 Cream Dash 1749-Q

Traditional Christmas 2017 Green Trees 1793-G

Traditional Christmas 2017 Red Snowflakes 1796-R

Zoom Multi Grey Arrows FF241-2

Zoom Multi Grey Hexagons FF239-2