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Clearance Fabrics

30s Playtime 2017 Cotton Bashful Blossoms 33216-11

30s Playtime 2017 Green Cross Stitch 33218-17

30s Playtime 2017 Scarlet Block Party 33213-12

30s Playtime 2017 Scarlet Dotty Daisy 33214-21

30s Playtime 2017 Sea Block Party 33213-19

Bayberry Blossom Hydrangea 13160-17

Bayberry Cloud Hydrangea 13160-19

Chieveley Cream Peacock Feather A244.1

Flo's Wildflowers Latte Daisies FLO12.1

Flo's Wildflowers Sage Green Daisies FLO12.4

Floral Splendour Blue Cross 8382-B

Forest Talk Biscuit Mini Floral 8489-BY

Forest Talk Cream Blue Buds 8490-BL

Forest Talk Cream Blue Pine 8486-BL

Forest Talk Pink Pine Dots 8491-BE

Forest Talk Red Jumping Rabbits 8487-BR

Hedgerow Warm Grey Granny-pop-out-of-beds A254.3

Hi Di Ho Multi Stripe 22253-17

Hipster On The Go Grey Multi Stripe 21420-93

Hipster On The Go Mopeds 21418-53

London Revival Stripe 987-1

Pinstripe Orange 6048-O

Pinstripe Pink 6048-BE

Pinstripe Yellow 6048-Y

Quill Feather Toile 44151-12

Serengeti Coral Face Print SRGT2291

Serengeti Cream Flower SRGT2289

Serengeti Cream Leopards SRGT2290

Serengeti Main Leopards Light SRGT2287

Serengeti Olive Paw Print SRGT2293

Serengeti Spruce Flower SRGT2288

Snowfall Dk Brown Snowflakes 2200-523

Snowfall Dk Lilac Bear Faces 2200-518

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Mini Check 12812-13

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Pinstripe 12812-20

Snowfall Wovens Garland Green Tartan 12812-22

Snowfall Wovens Ice Lined Check 12812-28

Snowfall Wovens Ice Mini Check 12812-27

Snowfall Wovens Ice Tartan 12812-30

Snowfall Wovens Poinsettia Pinstripe 12812-14

Snowfall Wovens Poinsettia Tonal Stripe 12812-16

So Darling Blue Bluebirds A288.3

So Darling Cream Flying Bluebirds A290.1

So Darling Cream Little Deer A286.1

So Darling Cream Retro Stars A289.1

So Darling Mint Retro Stars A289.2

So Darling Rose Bluebirds A288.2

So Darling Rose Ticking Stripe A287.3

Sweet Rose 4523-655

Sweet Rose 4523-657