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A Walk In The Park
Makower A Walk In The Park

Woof, woof! Grab the collar and lead, its time for these super cute furry friends to go walkies in the park. Chasing butterflies and bees and cats up trees, whilst racing through flowers .. so much fun to be had. These charming prints are complimented by a 60cm/24 panel. Perfect to cut up into cushions, use for placement applique on bags, or use whole. The possibilities are endless.

Coming soon in April
Stitch In Time
Makower Stitch In Time

Retro styled iconic sewing designs in soft blues, greys and pinks. Detailed montage and notions prints work beautifully with the coordinating floral, scissors, irons, buttons and cotton reels.

Coming soon in April
Cocktail Party
Lewis & Irene Cocktail Party

Irene had a cocktail cabinet which she loved. It was fabulous with all of its retro 50s style and now it belongs to me. Its more shabby than chic these days but a beautiful memory. Our collection is a nostalgic nod to 50s design. Ill have mine shaken not stirred, cheers! Hannah from Lewis and Irene x

Coming soon in April
Morris Garden
Moda Morris Garden

Exclusively for Moda from the V&A archives, this latest William Morris collection features prints from a twenty-year span of his designs. It is thought that Morris drew inspiration from the garden at Red House, the family home he built for his family early in his career.

Coming soon in April
Puzzle Pieces
Moda Puzzle Pieces

Finding just the right piece of fabric can be a bit like trying to solve a puzzle. This collection has lots of pieces to choose from in a warm variety of lights to darks and all in the small-scale that best suits traditional and reproduction quilts
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