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Retro Fabrics

Chieveley Ballroom Bundle

Chieveley Blue Drawing Room Blooms A242.2

Chieveley Blue Peacock and Pear A245.2

Chieveley Cream Garland Swirl A243.1

Chieveley Cream Peacock Feather A244.1

Chieveley Dark Blue Peacock and Pear A245.3

Chieveley Darkest Blue Country House Floral A241.3

Chieveley Darkest Blue Drawing Room Blooms A242.3

Chieveley Darkest Blue Peacock Feather A244.3

Chieveley Drawing Room Bundle

Chieveley Fabulous 40s

Chieveley Flame Peacock Feather A244.2

Chieveley Pink Garland Swirl A243.2

Chieveley Rose Drawing Room Blooms A242.1

Hanns House Charming Squares

Hanns House Fabulous 40s

Harmony Charm Pack

Harmony Jelly Roll

Sundance Black Curves 1930-X

Sundance Blue Abstract Flower 1923-B

Sundance Blue Dotty Daisy 1924-B

Sundance Blue Flame Stripe 1927-B

Sundance Blue Flower Spot 1926-B

Sundance Blue Large Floral 1922-B

Sundance Ivory Curves 1930-Q

Sundance Ivory Flower Spot 1926-Q

Sundance Ivory Large Floral 1922-Q

Sundance Ivory Petals 1925-Q

Sundance Orange Abstract Flower 1923-N

Sundance Orange Flower Spot 1926-N

Sundance Orange Swirly Whirly 1928-N

Sundance Pink Dashes 1929-P

Sundance Pink Dotty Daisy 1924-P

Sundance Pink Flame Stripe 1927-P

Sundance Sky Bundle

Sundance Sun Bundle

Sundance Turquoise Dashes 1929-T

Sundance Turquoise Petals 1925-T

Sundance Yellow Dashes 1929-Y

Sundance Yellow Swirly Whirly 1928-Y