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February Sale

A Splash Of Colour 8594-G

A Splash Of Colour 8594-P

A Splash Of Colour 8595-B

A Splash Of Colour 8596-O

A Splash Of Colour 8597-K

A Splash Of Colour 8598-G

A Splash Of Colour 8598-K

A Splash Of Colour 8598-L

A Splash Of Colour 8681-B

A Splash Of Colour 8681-K

A Splash Of Colour 8681-R

A Splash Of Colour 8682-O

Ahoy Bundle

Ahoy Charm Pack

Ahoy Cloud Turtles 48242-11

Ahoy Cloud Waves 48244-11

Ahoy Cloud Whales 48241-11

Ahoy Dolphin Dots 48245-15

Ahoy Jelly Roll

Ahoy Lobster Crabs 48243-11

Ahoy Lobster Strings 48246-17

Ahoy Sea Turtles 48242-13

Ahoy Sky Strings 48246-12

Ahoy Sky Whales 48241-12

Amazing Star Advent Panel 4595-477

Ann's Arbor Charm Pack

Batiks DL1308-4-2

Batiks TDYL1308-5-2

Batiks TDYL1308-7-4

Behind The Scenes Woven Layer Cake

Biscuits and Gravy Charm Pack

Biscuits and Gravy Jelly Roll

Bloom Charcoal Packed Flowers 2034-S

Bloom Cream Chintz 2031-Q

Bloom Cream Floral Scroll 2035-Q

Bloom Dk Aqua Floral Scatter 2032-S

Bloom Green Floral Scatter 2032-G

Bloom Grey Bouquet 2033-S

Bloom Lilac Floral Scroll 2035-L

Bloom Pink Bouquet 2033-P

Bloom Pink Chintz 2031-P

Bloom Pink Leaf Spray 2036-P

Bloom Pink Packed Flowers 2034-P

Bloom Slate Leaf Spray 2036-S

Bloom Summer Bundle

Bloom Taupe Floral Scatter 2032-Q

Bloom Winter Bundle

Bonfire Batiks Ocean Leaf Spray 4346-29

Caroline Bundle

City Nights Bundle

City Nights Copper Blue Underground A293.2

City Nights Copper Maroon Pavement A295.3

City Nights Copper Multi City Buildings A291.3

City Nights Copper on Copper Black Cab A292.3

City Nights Silver Black Cab A292.1

City Nights Silver City Buildings A291.1

City Nights Silver Pavement A295.1

City Nights Silver Underground A293.1

Cosy Zig Zag Flannel Quilt Kit

Evelyns Homestead Charm Pack

Florence Baby Quilt Kit

Forest Talk Bundle

Gilded Greenery Metallic Charm Pack

Gilded Greenery Metallic Jelly Roll

Hanns House Navy Bundle

Hanns House Pink Bundle

Hanns House White Bundle

Hoffman Bali 3022-404

Hoffman Bali 3022-407

Hoffman Bali 3360-314

Hoffman Bali 3360-315

Hoffman Bali 3360-510

Hoffman Bali 3360-523

Hoffman Bali 3360-805

Hoffman Bali 3360-816

Hoffman Bali 3360-818

Hoffman Batik Heather Bundle

Holly Woods Charm Pack

Holly Woods Cloud Floret 44175-12

Holly Woods Jelly Roll

Holly Woods Sky Paisley 44173-14

Holly Woods Snow Berry Holly Stripe 44174-11

Holly Woods Snow Sky Holly Stripe 44174-21

Homespun Gatherings Charm Pack

Homespun Gatherings Layer Cake

Island Batiks Dec 17 6-865

Island Batiks July 17 6-810

Jo's Shirtings Charm Pack

Jo's Shirtings Jelly Roll

Jolly Santa Advent Calendar Panel 1959_1

Jolly Santa Mini Stocking Advent 1958_1

Katie Jane Red Bundle

Longitude Batiks Deep Blue Peacocks 27259-73

Longitude Batiks Magenta Waves 27259-137

Longitude Batiks Teal Flower 27259-60

Longitude Batiks Turquoise Geomatric Diamond 27259-178

Mermaid Nursery Quilt Kit

Morris Holiday Linen Indigo Leicester 7313-12M

Morris Holiday Linen Indigo Wreathnet 7314-13M

Novelty Christmas 2017 Mini Stockings Panel 1814-1

Puzzle Pieces Charm Pack

Regency Blues Charm Pack

Return to Winters Lane Berry Pine Branches 13175-11

Return to Winters Lane Charm Pack

Return to Winters Lane Jelly Roll

Return to Winters Lane Mint Cardinals 13172-12

Return to Winters Lane Snow Mint Pine Berry Toss 13171-11

Return to Winters Lane Stone Berry Burst 13170-13

Return to Winters Lane Taupe Pine Branches 13175-13

Return to Winters Lane Taupe Snowfall 13174-16

Salsa Batiks Cayenne 4345-31

Scandi 2018 Grey Bundle

Scandi 2018 Grey Hearts 1969-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Reindeer 1967-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Scatter 1966-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Scroll 1965-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Snowflakes 1968-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Stripe 1964-S

Scandi 2018 Grey Trees 1963-S

Scandi 2018 Red Bundle

Scandi 2018 Red Hearts 1969-R

Scandi 2018 Red Reindeer 1967-R

Scandi 2018 Red Scatter 1966-R

Scandi 2018 Red Scroll 1965-R

Scandi 2018 Red Snowflakes 1968-R

Scandi 2018 Red Stripe 1964-R

Scandi 2018 Red Trees 1963-R

Scandi 4 Cream-on Grey Nordic Snowflake 1789 S7

Scandi 4 Cream-on Red Nordic Snowflake 1789-R6

Scandi 4 Grey Mini Star 1615-S3

Scandi 4 Grey on Cream Nordic Snowflake 1789_S3

Scandi 4 Red Mini Star 1615-R4

Scandi 4 Red on Cream Nordic Snowflake 1789-R2

Scandi Advent Pocket Panel 1971 1

Scandi Tree Advent Panel 1970 R

Serengeti Bundle

Silent Night Advent Panel 1981 1

Silent Night Birds 1978-1

Silent Night Black Tonal 1980-X

Silent Night Holly 1976-1

Silent Night Robins 1979-1

Silent Night Trees 1974-1

Snow Day Bundle

Snow Day Cream C34.1

Snow Day Cream Table Centre And Placemats C40.1

Snow Day Grey Houses C36.3

Snow Day Grey Scattered Snowmen C35.2

Snow Day Ice Blue Houses C36.2

Snow Day Icy Blue Table Centre And Placemats C40.3

Snow Day Red Scattered Snowmen C35.3

Snow Day Red Snowfall C38.3

Snow Day Silver Table Centre And Placemats C40.2

Snow Day Silver Table Double Border C41.2

Snow Day White Sleigh Ride C37.1

So Darling Bundle

Something Blue Cornflower Bundle

Sweet Baby Bunny Quilt Kit

White Christmas Metallic Advent Calendar Panel 1650-11M

White Christmas Metallic Charm Pack

Winter Wonderland Advent Panel WLND-1114