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New Arrivals

Secret Garden Precuts
Secret Garden Precuts by Lucy Gurney

Precuts created by Lucy.
Batik Bundles
Hoffman Fabrics Batik Bundles

Fabrics Batik Bundles. New bundles each with 7 fabrics carefully selected from across our batik ranges.
Aloha Batiks
Moda Aloha Batiks

The Moda Aloha range of beautiful batiks reminds us that while we think of aloha as a Hawaiian hello, it has many meanings, including living in harmony with people and the land around you. With colours inspired by the ocean and the sky, the sun and the earth, and flowers and trees, Aloha Batiks reflect the beauty of nature on a tropical island.
Basics Bundles
Secret Garden Basics Bundles

Beautiful Co-ordinated Bundles of tonal prints from across our basics collections.
Purrfect Petals
Lewis & Irene Purrfect Petals

A collection from Lewis and Irene for fans of the feline to make you smile from whisker to tail!.
Jardin de Lis
Lewis & Irene Jardin de Lis

This is the first Art Nouveau inspired collection from Lewis and Irene. Each fabric has gold metallic elements. Inspired by a grand lake in a French chateau with flying herons and blossoming lilies. The stars reflect from the night sky.
Splendor Batiks
Moda Splendor Batiks by Holly Taylor

Moda Splendor Batiks by Holly Taylor. Who doesnt love the rich, dark tones found in nature? Using the prints and patterns seen in a forest, this range has captured ferns, fallen leaves, the texture of pine-needles and even weathered rocks. A quilt made with Splendor Batiks will surely bring a bit of the forest into your home.

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