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Project Baskets Pattern

Project Baskets Pattern

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Pattern designed by Beth Studley

This hugely popular pattern provides perfect storage for work in progress craft projects like knitting, English paper piecing or patchwork blocks. Who doesn’t have more than one project on the go? They are also great for general storage around the home.

The shape is achieved using darts and the baskets can be made with or without handles depending on your preference. The pattern uses both wadding and interfacing for stability and the top is reinforced to hold its shape. A real fabric basket and you won’t want to make just one!

It is a medium skill level and there are illustrations at all stages to help.

Only available as a printed pattern sent by post

Please click on the image for a detailed view.

Quilting Pattern : 0.1   -    4   1   :   4   0    0    : 1    0   : ST

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