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Woven Basket Quitalong - 9.30am Sessions

Woven Basket Quitalong - 9.30am Sessions

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Price: 15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Quiltalong to make a lovely woven basket, designed by Beth Studley.
If you are looking for a project that is a bit different then this is great, and would make a great Christmas gift.
The woven sides are fun to put together and there is lots of opportunity for adding decorative quilting or interesting colour combinations.
It can be made with or without a handle.

Dates Tuesday 24th to Friday 27th November

Time 9.30am each day via Zoom. Each Zoom session will last between 15 and 30 minutes.

This project is suitable for beginners and will only require 1-2 hours cutting/sewing each day to complete.

There will be a charge of £15.00 for joining in the Quiltalong.This will include a copy of the Lovely Woven Basket pattern by Beth Studley. The pattern is sent as a printed copy through the post (not a PDF), so you will need to sign up this week as the template for cutting the base is included in the pattern.
Further details and joining instructions will be sent out with your pattern

Finished Size : 6" high x 8" diameter

Fabric Requirements (assuming a fabric width of 42") :
This pattern is made using 2 1/2" strips, and designed with Jelly Rolls in mind. However, I think it works best with using 2 or 3 fabrics only to best see the weave pattern and not look too busy.
If using 2 fabrics you will need
Fabric 1 : 20" (50cm)
Fabric 2 : 20" (50cm)
If using 3 fabrics, you will need
Fabric 1 : 20" (50cm)
Fabric 2 : either a long quarter (needed if making the handle version) or fat quarter
Fabric 3 : either a long quarter or fat quarter
You will also need
Wadding 12" (assume 90" width) or you may be able to cut what you require from offcuts you already have

Skill Level : Beginner

Please click on the image for a detailed view.

Courses : 0.1   -    11   1   :   11   0    0    : 1    0   : ST

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